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Executive Bullet proof Vest

VIP's look no further you bullet proof vest is right below!!!
Are you a VIP looking for some extra protection? Bullet proof Body Armor HQ has very sleek looking and concealable bullet proof vests for you. The executive bullet proof vest will fit right in your wardrobe and no one will even know you are wearing it. Its time to be safe and protected from all the crazy and unstable people in this world. Get your very own custom made body armor from today. Please enjoy the site.

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Armor Corr Executive IIIA Bullet proof Vest

Armor Corr Executive IIIA Bullet proof Vest

The Executive Bulletproof Vest is a discrete covert armor vest, providing full front, back and side ballistic protection. Ideal for Civilians, VIPs ,...
$989.00  $699.99
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Armor Corr Executive Outer Carrier

Armor Corr Executive Outer Carrier

These are the outer carrier's for the Executive vests. Make sure that you order the same size that you ordered when you purchased the ballistic vest...
$200.00  $189.99
Save: 5% off

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